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Alex De Mora


British photographer Alex De Mora touches down in Ulaanbaatar, detailing the cultural fabric of a lesser-seen Mongolia in a colourful and character-filled exposé.

In the ocean of globalisation,

Mongolia is like a boat without paddles.

You better start to care before we drown.


Meet Big Gee: Mongolia’s answer to 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan.


He’s a kingpin in Ulaanbaatar’s thriving hip-hop scene with socially charged and patriotism-packed lyrics. Amid an influx of foreign influences pouring into the capital, his music instils a sense of national pride, imploring his listeners to hold on to their Mongolian identity.


More recently, Big Gee has become a focal point in Alex De Mora’s project Straight Outta Ulaanbaatar. Snapping people and places with his bold aesthetic, the London-based photographer delves into Mongolia’s undiscovered cultural scene. It’s an immersive observation of everyday ID.


Double-humped camels.


Genghis Khan’s giant fist.

A battered bus.

Record owners.



De Mora captures pure personality from capital to steppe, his subjects’ characters bursting out of each picture, as vivid as the colours that fill the frame.


While the locals import rap into their music libraries, De Mora exports snippets of a lesser-known identity out into the world. One that’s unique. Creative. And proudly Mongolian.