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Amit Ben Haim

If you are a fan of Friends, the popular comedy TV show, you will definitely enjoy this.

You remember Chandler and Joey’s apartment, right? The one with the two Barcaloungers where they used to relax, watch TV and drink beer? Have you ever wondered how it would look today? Well, Amit Ben Haim — architect and 3D animator — has imagined that Joey decided to move back to his old place and completely makeover the apartment. And what about Monica and Rachel? Amit took care of their apartment as well.

It’s all for fun, but it hints at something greater. With the introduction of the Metaverse and the NFT world, along with the evolution of digital intelligence and the rise of gaming culture, some professions are probably going to change. For architects and interior designers, the meta-universe is their chance to reinvent their roles without the limitations, rules and laws imposed by the real world.  




Combining all his favourite stuff like architecture, 3D modelling, sci-fi and ‘90s sitcoms, Amit realizes something truly unique. In addition to his duty to provide physical solutions in real life, he designs innovative three-dimensional environments destined for other-worldly realms.

So, your dream house probably exists. It’s just in a 3D file.