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In 2022 we can witness the development in style and fashion in real time, as people utilise the way they dress to make statements, express themselves and above all as a means to communicate in a world that seems increasingly out of touch and frighteningly large.

Living, studying and designing in China, Montreal and now Antwerp, Aojierou has created an abundance of complex and provocative designs as part of his collections. Working tirelessly throughout the pandemic he experimented with texture and comfort in clothing. Using items like mattresses and sofas as a source of inspiration for his concepts. A clever nod to the way many of us have lived during lockdown and beyond; within the confines of our soft furnishings, working from home in pyjama uniforms, dressing up and formalwear a distant memory.

For his collection titled ‘Double Sided Adhesive’ Aojierou created a fictional family set up, consisting of Grandma, Nanny, Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Despite the simplicity of this nuclear family structure, each character has its own set of complexities and struggles.

The designs Aojierou created to accompany his characters perfectly reflect their outlines, whilst being visually captivating. For Kole’s (the father) design Aojierou cleverly translates his desire for a womb into a gender-defying ensemble that features a luxurious tailored shirt, revealing a pregnant torso and unzipped suit trousers. The accessories like the crystal adornment draped from the waist further insinuates the fluidity of gender in Aojierou’s designs and the flexibility with which they could be worn.

Aojierou’s other project ‘The Wave of Unemployment in Dongbei’ showcases an entirely different sort of story, whilst maintaining his style and experimental outlook. Featuring oversized garments and feather trims to symbolise the ways in which many women had to make money throughout this socio-economic tragedy, often performing or stripping.

The diversity and integrity witnessed in Aojierou’s work is awe inspiring and hopeful for his future as a successful designer. As he acknowledges social issues and injustices within his work, and breaks down boundaries tied to gender, sexuality, and social class to create mesmerising art.

words Beth Cook