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Bilal Al Hasan

Our reality is distorted, but never disjointed.

Making your mark in an industry as saturated as the one we live within today requires a unique lens and artistic vision that the world has yet to see – a combination of experiences that, when drawn out of an audience, create new and thought-provoking emotions. Growing up in bicultural Pavia, Italy with Jordanian parents, the blending of Middle Eastern influences within his works are vibrant and true. Bilal’s interest in editing and directing sprang up from his early introduction to Youtube, using his own imagination and any household item he could in order to experiment with and explore his new passion. After moving to Genoa to pursue a degree in Dentistry, his independent online pursuit transformed into the opportunity to co-found the creative collective “TheOnlyOne” – giving space to young and upcoming artists and diving into the world of sustainable and upcycled streetwear.

It’s evident to see how surrealist editing, poetic narratives, vintage camera quality, and contemporary fashion have become central players within Bilal’s body of work. A compelling example of this is one of his latest works, The Pursuit of Majnun and Leila. Featuring knitwork pieces by VITELLI, the video slips into a dreamy narrative, blending scenes of landscapes with the actor’s faces, and cutting to scorching desert environments and bustling market roads. All three of these factors become even more elevated by the score and it’s slight distortions – the unreality of the color grading and visual effects are contrasted by the rawness of the footage and analogue zoom-ins, drawing you into Bilal’s universe even further.

Another deeply moving piece he’s created takes us all the way to Jordan itself, as Pappareale fra Pappareale marks his first personal pursuit – once again, establishing shots of the scenery and moving storytelling are able to transport us into the artists’ subconscious. The project acted as a re-examination of his own life and emotions – a diary entry that, thanks hindsight, acted as an outlet of self-reflexivity. Bilal is getting to know himself through his own work, and we get to join him on this journey, as we slip into a new nostalgia that awakens something that lies dormant within all of us.