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Call me Gilbert


Have you ever read that Stephen King novel about a time traveller who repeatedly transports himself to 1958? Well, you can live a similar experience by visiting Cordeliaverse, a mysterious yet – apparently – idyllic town stuck in the ‘50s. Callmegilbert, the NFT artist behind all this, shares the citizens’ stories through his artworks.

The charming figure of the Duke rules over all, while the lovely Cordelia (after whom the town is named) – along with other pretty housewives – enjoys life’s simple pleasures like music, cakes and puppies. They seem to have it all except for the fact that their faces are warped into a grotesque sneer.

Callmegilbert fills the narrative with hope and dreams, but the anxiety can be felt under all the enthusiasm. Every story captures the town’s sinister atmosphere with precision: for example, after a long day, the inhabitants relax by drinking a cold glass of “weak poison” or other semi-toxic liquids. On Monday, they take a pick from the meat merchant’s wheelbarrow, risking to eat odorous salamander, artichoke horse, larva mouse and… babies. When they party, the characters look blissful, but with a closer look, you can notice that they are completely lost. In the family portraits, you can perceive their profound loneliness. And couples look anything but romantic.

Despite the vibrant colours and the bright aesthetic, as Callmegilbert writes in one of his artwork’s captions: “the scent of despair filled the air”. The thing is that everything is intentionally ambiguous. It’s left to the interpretation of the viewer, depending on their mood and personality. What you find dark, another will find sweet. And where you see a malevolent grin, maybe someone will see a smile.

Check out his NFT’s on opensea: