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“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

This message lies at the heart of the revolutionary accessories brand, Chiarissima Takeaway. A project started by the visionary designer Chiara De Negris, the celebrated artist dove straight into the world of fashion after graduating from the NABA academy of fine arts in Milan. With multiple awards under her belt, and after working with brands such as Christian Dior and PORTS, Chiarissima started up her own slow-fashion brand in September of 2020.

Every drop is a new chapter of the designer’s own story, as the brand rejects seasonal releases and opts instead for small drops of pieces. Every accessory is unique, upcycling premium leathers to create one-of-a-kind accessories that bring out the wearer’s personality. Inspired by her own inner child, every piece is playful – bold colors, kitchy patterns, and trippy shapes help to expand on Chiarissima’s own fearlessness and individuality.

Inclusion at its core, Chiarissima Takeaway’s only target market are those who see themselves in the pieces – regardless of age, gender, size, or belief, anybody can find a part of themselves displayed by her creations. This manifests itself within the modeling of their pieces as well, featuring illustrations, 3D avatars, and even animals holding and modeling the accessories. With artistry and imagination saturating every element of the brand, their latest drop Borse Mostro is a culmination of all of these elements. Silky limbs, furry pouches, and horned adornments on both the bags and hats create a cohesive visual narrative, and exemplifies the potential to rework what we know into something truly fantastical.