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Chloe Grienenberger

This French multidisciplinary designer doesn’t just show and tell.

When is a designer no longer a designer, but an artist? That’s a hard one to answer, but Chloe Grienberger definitely crosses that threshold. With her graphic designs, she takes us to new worlds and even makes us think twice about the one we’re living in.

Take her recent work rendering time portals letting us leap into different dimensions (one even recharges its battery with plants). Or, her 3D tarot cards that explore all the nuances of each zodiac.

Even her 2D work packs on emotional depth. For example, her branding for Danser Demain brightens up the future of partying with dynamic energy, giving us a sense of hope. And maybe, that’s the key to unlocking the artsy side. Not simply showing and telling, but inspiring emotion.