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Daniel Eatock


We take a sneak peak into the weird, wacky and wonderful world of Daniel Eatock, where thinking is lateral and expectations are overturned.

What happens when you take an idea, peel back the layers of complexity with a kind of
əpısdn-uʍop ⇐backwards⇐ logic and uncover something so simple and suddenly so obvious?


Daniel Eatock’s art.

That’s what.


Intellectual yet elementary, fluky but somehow inevitable, his body of work brings to light his original way of seeing the world. With an eye for everyday obscurities, the London-based artist subverts expectations and indulges in the satisfaction of serendipity.

He stumbles across cars with replaced doors, creating a vast catalogue of mismatching colours, jumbled up like a rubix cube.


He rolls a London tube ticket into a cylinder, transforming the ticket into a tube in itself.


He places books of different lengths on a sagging shelf in such a way that the tops of the books are perfectly aligned.



He chews up a bag of Walkers crisps, spitting out the pulp and smushing it into the shape of a potato.


Approaching life with an infectiously playful outlook, Eatock prompts reflection, reverses rationale and induces smiles everywhere he goes.