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Daniel Gebhart De Koekkoek

A Year with the funny photographer.

Even glass-half-full people must admit 2020 sucks. It’s not all doom and gloom though: Daniel Gebhart De Koekkoek is back with another humorous calendar that’s bound to put a smile on your face, every day.

With a kink for comedy, photographer Daniel Gebhart De Koekkoek brings playful absurdity to everything he shoots.


First it was cats soaring through the air.


Next up were alpacas relaxing in front rooms and four-poster beds.

Then came a materialism-mocking series of life hacks – think mini umbrellas to keep your heels dry, a double-sided toothbrush for both the upper and lower jaw, or a tissue-dispensing hat for whenever you feel a sneeze coming on.


His latest project is signed with all the kooky charm we’ve come to expect and this time it’s Afghan Hounds stealing the limelight. Looking less like dogs and more like divas, they float serenely on the crystal-clear motel swimming pools of Palm Springs, California. Groomed to perfection, the hounds are hilarious and glamorous in equal measure. And no, they haven’t been photoshopped. Their silky coats and aerodynamic form allow these classy canines to remain perfectly buoyant. Gebhart De Koekkoek comments that his work “is meant to make people feel good and entertained”, replacing all the “bad vibes” and “sad news” in the world with a bit of positivity. He’s sure succeeded there.