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This Paris-based brand creates so much more than just accessories.

D’heygere’s manifesto says it all. To randomly quote it, “SHOE and House Number Sign and Lemon Slice and Pacifier and Bottle Opener and RING…” It goes on, but you probs get the gist—in Stephanie D’heygere’s conceptual cranium, anything can be an accessory if she designates it as one.

For those artsy-fartsy ones reading this, Duchamp will immediately come to mind. If you need your memory jogged, he’s the genius who claimed a urinal was art in 1917, simply because he said so. A century later, the Belgian-born D’heygere manifests the same witty and avant-garde spirit in her ready-made-inspired accessories brand.


She reimagines the humdrum with rad sophistication, balancing her high-level concepts with enough down-to-earthness to make you say, “NO F***ING WAY!” Rings become earrings. Accessories are something to accessorize with flowers, rolled-up dollar bills, cigarettes, b-day candles or whatever. Function is fundamental, à la bottle opener t-shirt or the lighter belt. And, everything is executed with such bold minimalism that it might take you a bit to realize these are not accessories at all. They’re works of art.


Stephanie D’heygere