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Virtual Clothing Brought to Life.

Fashion is entering the digi-sphere, design process included. Kathy McGee’s project Digitoile shakes up the production line, creating clothing that allows for computer-generated prototyping and cuts out – well – all the cutting out.

With a new way of living comes a new way of dressing. For Kathy McGee, that way is virtual.


Taking fashion design from IRL to URL, her Digitoile project investigates how computerization could be the next step for something that – until now – has been so tangible.


Using 3D technology, body scans and optimizing tools, clothes can be designed, displayed and donned without taking physical form. McGee’s work operates in a grey area between reality and imagination, in a space where each choice can be more considered and each idea can remain just that – an idea. Yet going virtual brings very real-world benefits. Raw materials are replaced with algorithms. Design ideas take on new complexities. Collaborations can span various mediums. Or the most futuristic of them all – digital fashion becomes a not-so-distant future in a world ever-so-needful of something sustainable.


As designing an outfit becomes increasingly like selecting a skin on a video game, Digitoile also poses a broader question: how can an infinity of bits and bytes be used to express identity? The answer might come sooner than you think.