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Born and raised in Milan, DotPigeon is now a worldwide celebrity thanks to his crypto art. For real. He paints luxurious houses in which we can see a character with a balaclava over his face. Fun fact: DotPigeon hides his identity behind the same mask.


We believe this mysterious guy represents the artist’s dark side, that impulse to refuse the so-called “middle-class” mentality and the rules imposed by society. It’s not by chance that the masked man looks like a fish out of water. Those fancy scenarios clearly don’t belong to his lifestyle.

Although this guy may seem quite relaxed at first glance, we can feel the conflict between what he shows to others versus what he really feels. He isn’t a threat. He’s probably the one in danger. Or, at least, he doesn’t feel safe. In some artworks, we can see him holding a baseball bat as a weapon.


The titles of the artworks leave no doubt. The struggle is REAL. “Break them before they break you”, “Burning them down in Balenciaga”, “Connect the dots and set them on fire”. DotPigeon seems very concerned about THEM. He hates these people to the point of being almost obsessed. Maybe they hurt him in the past. And maybe, this is why in the artwork “Fragile”, the masked man no longer looks like a bad boy. It’s like he gave up his badass attitude for a moment, showing us his true self. And we can’t help but love him a little bit more.

Please note: if you are planning to buy one of DotPigeon pieces, you better be quick. They don’t last long.