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Eliot Lee

Retro staples pave the way for futuristic design.

Although Berlin-based Eliot Lee’s fascination with CGI and 2000’s aesthetics weren’t conventional during his art studies in France, he would find himself the vanguard of a massive cultural remembrance of Y2K and late 20th century graphics, photography, and fashion. Notably, Lee recalls the early influence of PlayStation 1 games as a major influence on his own aesthetic vision – the graphics, music, and character designs brought an early interest in the potential of computer imagery as an artistic medium. Additionally, music videos, commercial artists, fashion designers, and photographers of the time all helped to further enhance Lee’s creative universe and cultivated vibe – bringing about a hybrid style as diverse as his own pursuits.

Dabbling in DJing, character design, animation, and 3D art, Lee’s works all belong within a specific universe. Bold and bright colors, neon light leeks, and varying realms of cyberspace all come together to showcase how expansive and important unity can be for a Creative Director. Lee also plays on the significance of commercial art in shaping and defining an era, repurposing these elements into his own designs, and further projecting them forward onto his own commissioned pieces. Whether he is designing cover art, enhancing editorial shoots, or designing custom pieces, this feeling of graffiti chic is what lands Lee his commissions.

The recycling of images and aesthetics helps to reinvigorate and reimagine staples from our collective aesthetic past, and working with brands such as NIKE and BOSS have allowed him to display this within the context of brands who have undergone major marketing shifts over the last two decades. With even more potential on the horizon with the expansion of VR technology and the development of the metaverse, there’s no limits to Lee’s creative expansion  and his unbridled potential to shift the design landscape.