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Emma Pryde

✨ In Emma Pryde’s arts objects we discover truth.

If you feel like you’ve seen Emma Pryde’s work somewhere before, that’s because you have…well, sort of. Each of her works starts from found content, visuals entrenched in our cultural lexicon like late Gothic paintings and Pokémon characters. She then gives each motif her own Pryde twist—cutesy colors and translucent textures that attract, trigger and haunt.

In her work toys become religious objects and vice versa, each artefact hinting towards a darker social order. These aren’t the art objects that our ancestors left behind, you know the ones celebrating martyrs and saints, but are vessels of meaninglessness. However, in a world that exists almost entirely online, they are potentially the objects our predecessors will use to define us. While not intricately woven into our daily life, they do pinpoint our essence. Both reassuring and unnerving in their truth.