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Fabian Kis-Juhasz

The Hungarian designer finds a freer femininity.

With hair done, tits up and frilly frock on, congrats you’ve got the part of lovable femme. However, if that makeup goes askew, those breasts begin to sag, or your undergarments show; sorry honey you no longer get to play the object of desire but just plain old abject woman.

Fortunately, Fabian Kis-Juhasz’s Audition goes for something very different than society. The one that he sets up for his new collection zine looks for something more real, a femme that hovers somewhere in between the glamorized and the demonized.

The Hungarian trans community takes the stage in lace galore as well as corsets distorted with low-hanging bosoms and a thong-adorned pair of shorts. Displayed side by side with thought pieces, the entire collection is a space where academic insight meets the poetry and artisan rigor of fashion. It is this exquisite mix that makes his clothes so irresistible to those who identify as female, allowing them to think about and play with something more meaningful as they freely perform their identities.