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Her family is more psycho than your own.

There once was a little girl named Norma who lived in a great big house full of Normas.


Her mother was Norma. Her grandmother was Norma. In fact, with no men, it was just three generations of Normas.


She spent her days as most little Normas do.

Dressed to the nines hunting…for mice?

Stuck in a sugar-high-fueled time out.

Making aperitif for grandma, sometimes sneaking a sip of that strange tasting elixir.


And every now and then, wondering where father was.

Was he that sound coming from the fireplace? You know a little girl’s imagination can go rather wild.


She would pester and pry for answers, exclaiming, “Why oh why is he stuck in the chimney?”


And her grandmother always replied, “Dear, some secrets go to the grave.”

So, she left it alone. At least he was close.


Would you still love your grandmother or mother if you knew they did something horrible? After watching Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic horror film, Psycho, Jin Hase was interested in exploring this type of unconditional love. So, with photographer Masaya Tanaka and stylist Yuji Yasumoto, he dreamed up a family that’s gone absolutely mad. Not your average Joneses, they’re shocking and maybe murderous, but sort of lovable, especially when they’re dolled up by hair stylist Atsushi Takita and makeup artist Marino Asahi then dressed head-to-toe in Jenny Fax garb.