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FeyFey Worldwide

Yufei Liu (aka Fey-Fey’s) world was changed forever after starting her studies at the Rhode Island School of Design. Invigorated by all the weird things and people after leaving the small world she grew up in, her perspective expanded thanks to the desire to create something bigger. Although her MA at the Royal College of Arts was hindered by the lockdown, her profound collection and accompanying digital zine truly showcased the capacity of a trail-blazer that wasn’t going to be put-out any time soon.

Even before this master’s project, feyfeyworldwide pieces had been spotted at New York Fashion Week, featured in 2020 Magazine, and other enchanting editorial shoots. Playing around with unconventional silhouettes and embellishments, constantly pushing the boundaries of presentation and publication, it is no surprise that the addition of newfound technologies would help to elevate her craft even further. After exploring air and inflatables in a first-year course at RCA, Fey-Fey used these skills to develop her project concerning the pressure imposed on women and how they dress. This anger led the creative to produce garments and pieces inspired by feministtranslation theorists which literally took up as much space as possible.

Fey-Fey’s approach to fashion is aggressive – full of passion, anger, and creative obsession. This was expertly outlined and represented by her September 2021 show, Fashion to Suffer By. Rather than wondering whether all of the anguish was worth it or not, the artist paid homage to it and made it the central theme. Feyfeyworldwide is a brand driven by emotion and molded by Fey-Fey’s intuition. Her creative mindset and ability to express herself through her art allows her to create pieces that instill a chuckle, a gasp, and deep thought from an audience all at the same time. Uniquely her own and ever-unpredictable, you can expect nothing less than the unexpected from everything she creates.