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A showcase of norm-breaking newness.

Sorry, you’ve experienced a glitch. It’s called 2020 and MCQ is working on a fashion solution for this new era. Scroll to see.

This year hasn’t been running the way it’s supposed to, at least the way we thought it was supposed to. Now that the world as we know it breaks more apart, it’s time to change norms and rebuild together according to a new set of rules.


The MCQ for Underlit editorial showcases that transformation in fashion-form. Shot by Felix Gaertner and styled by Way Perry, it’s a visual narrative with a pixel-glitch-look telling the story of a second beginning—Genesis II.

While it’s MCQ’s first icon, what the house calls its collections, Genesis II is really an evolution of MCQ by Alexander McQueen line. And, it’s totally different. No head designer sits at the head of the technology-integrated fashion label. Instead, an ever-evolving collective of collaborators sets and realizes the vision. Each radically credited on their garment tags along with a unique blockchain platform.

The first collaborators are: Alexandra Leese, Duncan Loudon, James Massiah, Shygirl, Ewen Spencer, Pantone Colour Institute, Everledger, Terrain and The MCQ Team. Their icon is set between the ruined and living worlds, spotlighting humanity’s dual power to build and destroy the planet. Designed with sustainability in mind, dark and light deadstock fabrics mix. Military garments become softened with a human touch. Colorful hand-embroidered flowers are found on bombers and knitwear. Everything is practical and functional, to be worn in the natural world.

Through the post-quarantine eyes of the Underlit team, the icon enters a collage between the IRL and virtual. Human models cross into found backdrops from the world wide web like a Minecraft jungle, rusty oily barrels, or the Space X launch pad. Sharply rendered, they boldly stand out from the blurred digi-scapes, pointing the way forward in our chaotic search for utopia. Togetherness.

Label core pillars: the creative collective/ platform
+ the responsible future
+ the tech.