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Gil Anselmi

See into a fashion photographer’s quest for beauty.

Gil Anselmi’s photos are feminine. Don’t be fooled by the surreal dreamscapes full of sugary shades, piled-on pearls and glittery gorgeousness that grace her work. The French photographer’s particular eyes might be enamored with glamour, but that’s not what gives her pics an innate feminine feel.

It’s the way they focus on distinctive details. With each zoomed in image, you get a glimpse into a brain gathering details, searching for beauty, piecing together the personalities that stand before it with the individual nuances shown, not told. Like a green-manicured and blinged-out hand clutching her fluffy white pooch. Without seeing her face, you understand the eccentric force she is.

It’s kind of magical. By subtly showing the inner workings of femininity, Gil underlines that female beauty is not just found in an aesthetic or a physical form, but the perspective anyone who identifies as a woman has behind her enchanting eyes.