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Hannah Blitz Heyman

Sculptures fit for your fingertips, and beyond.

The deep understanding of her medium – primarily metal – could be attributed to the years she spend as a Goldsmith Apprentice at Atelje AgAu, fellow Swedish jewelry designer, followed by a year of learning Metal Design at theNyckelviksskolan Academy. With all of these tools and experiences under her belt, Heyman went on to receive both a BA and MA in Crafts and Design, kicking off a flourishing development of body-related art (chunky rings, chain link earrings, grandiose belt-buckles), eventually transferring herself onto mirrors, sculptures, and forging exhibition spaces.

Her Master’s project, ‘Better than nature’, displays a reinterpretation of natural elements and our inherent alienation from how they are composed. Pieces such as Liminal wood – aluminum planks with an uncanny resemblance to the raw material – carry a completely different weight than the original. Tumbleweeds of fresh, green grass from her Neo Turf pieces appear as though they are an AI configuration of plants we typically cannot help but overlook and walk all over. Endless roots of yarn springing from the wall to meet their handcrafted flower tops once again force us to question the elements of life we choose to acknowledge.

Heyman’s approach to jewelry design can be viewed as almost a response to this – an emphasis on the rawness of the materials, and a celebration of the process. Some rugged yet refined, others polished yet abstract, there is a constant dance between the presentation of the works and the transparency of the process. Hannah’s pieces insert the human perspective into a world increasingly growing virtual, pioneering a new wave of accessorizing, and establishing herself as one of the most exciting, contemporary sculptors on the scene right now.