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Harmen Meinsma

See Harmen Meinma’s subjects on the street, and they would catch your eye. View them in his photos, and they’d catch your psyche. Their over-the-top aesthetics and bold power palettes gripping your thoughts with blood-bubbling envy. But for what? After all, he defines them as outcasts.


The fiery redhead’s motorcycle scooter?


The House of Holographic Hoes’ head-to-toe Versace ensembles?


That purple leather jacket and matching jumpsuit Aimee Noten wears?


Sort of all the above.

Even if you’re somebody with in-the-middle taste, their fashion picks are jealousy-inducing. Not because you necessarily want the clothes off their backs, but the freedom they don with every outfit. By putting them on a pedestal amidst busy backgrounds, Harmen highlights how their more-is-more looks are pure confidence, inspiring each individual to find his/her/their own personal version of more-of-me maximalism. So, go ahead and show yours off.