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Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

Visual artist Henriette Ebbesen captivates us as she leads us into her surreal world of collages and photography.

Residing in Copenhagen, visual artist Henriette Ebbesen has made a distinct impression in the world of art and photography. At first glance her Instagram seems to act like a large collage of images, both realistic and surreal, colourful and with a warped quality giving us an accurate portrayal of Ebbesen’s work. With an impressive portfolio, including a multitude of independent projects as well as spreads for Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair Italia, the adaptability of Ebbesen as an artist is clear.

Although her work is striking and visually captivating it simultaneously gives off an eerie quality, which draws you even further into her world of the bizarre. Growing Up is a collection of pieces Henriette Ebbesen reinterpreted from photographs from her childhood, originally captured by her father. This interesting take allows a vintage and modern amalgamation, as well as giving insight into the imagination ever present in children. Whilst maintaining a nostalgic quality the pieces featured in Growing Up give an almost futuristic feel with the way in which Ebbesen has edited and played with each image.

Ebbesen manages to translate this childlike wonder into each collection she has created. In Feminine Development she looks at the female body and sexual identity, questioning the alienation caused by cosmetic surgery procedures which are ever present in society today. While this is such a loaded and important topic, Ebbesen manages to create fun and beautiful pieces that interpret the reality of female bodies, as well as the correlation between female form and the natural world.

Whilst each of her collections have their own distinction, there are certain definitive stylistic similarities that seem to connect each piece in a flowing storyline. The colours, the collage effect, bodies, nature, flowers, water, childhood, the surreal, femininity – a melting pot of fantastical imagery that tells the story of human existence, and perhaps more specifically female existence. Further urging us to look forward to whatever Henriette Ebbesen is creating next in her visually artistic exploration of what it means to be alive and to create.