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Ildar Iksanov

Turning the Lens on Lands Less Travelled.

Natural vs man-made, native vs foreign, past vs present or all of it together. Through Moscow-based photographer’s profound eye, get to know the post-soviet lands of Yerevan, Sevan, Tbilisi, and Dilijan.

The Iron Curtain lifted, 30+ years past. With Western and millennial eyes, can we know these Eastern lands, for real? Through Ildar Iksanov’s [camera type], maybe. At least, a little better.

An insider. Artist, stylist, musician, born by the Caspian Sea,
based in Moscow. With Photographs, he captures and reveals
cities like Yerevan, Sevan, Tbilisi, Dilijan with intimate understanding,
making known what’s unknown to the average tourist.

A visual dialogue between the natural and the man-made,
bold concrete forms loom over earthy surroundings.
Gone, the political ideology that once defined this land,
its aesthetics, however, not erased but suspended.

This is post-Soviet, now. What’s next?