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When that senseless image goes out of the brain onto @inepthing’s IG page, suddenly it’s significant.

It could be a smell. For nineties kids maybe that plasticky perfume of playdoh, bubblegum and barbies.

Or, it could be a sound, like a T.V. tune.

Or, it could be nothing at all, but for some reason one irrelevant childhood snapshot—fascinating and freaky—pops up in the head again…again…and again.

On the @inepthings Instagram page, you can scroll through an archive of this different “interestingness.” Whether it’s a chicken with a ponytail or a smooshed baby doll, the feed is full of funny and sometimes disturbing things that have a knack for sticking to your memory, especially to a spongy child’s brain.

Some shocking images are created for the page, while others are found, like digital readymade art. So, there are good odds you won’t find that dancing hot dog who has haunted you for years. But you might. One thing is for certain though, when all those mind-numbing pics are out in the open together, you can really see humanity. In all its grotesque glory.