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Thread for Thought.

Japanese embroidery artist, Ipnot, turns thread into creations that seem almost real. And when it’s miniature pieces of food and drink involved you almost wish they were! Warning: do not read on an empty stomach.


Ipnot’s embroideries demand a second look.

Her creations are so incredibly lifelike that they play tricks on the eyes. Choosing from 500 different colours of thread, the Japanese artist uses the ‘French knot’ to achieve a dense, raised effect. The technique involves looping thread around the needle before piercing the embroidery hoop… easy-peasy, right?

The results are teeny tiny works of art: a roll of sushi, barely bigger than a fingernail. An assortment of chocolates so good you could eat it. A pizza slice that she pulls away from the hoop to reveal dripping cheese… or loose threads?


There’s something deeply satisfying about Ipnot’s work, a feeling not dissimilar to the childish delight we get from magic tricks. We know we’re being tricked, but… ever so happy it worked.