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Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski

You’ll be engrossed.

EW! At one point or another, you’re bound to blurt that out when looking through Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski’s work. It’s provocative that way. It could be the nasty cut wrapped in a bow, the goat-like human, various different hairy growths bulging from bodies, or all the above.

Before you say she isn’t for you, just think about the last time art caused such a stomach-stirring reaction. Has it been a while?

Jaana-Kristiina’s knack for the unnerving means her work’s emotional voltage is turned all the way up. It’s stimulating a real response, reminding us what it means to feel human: disconcerting and extra exhilarating. It’s b-e-a-EW-tiful. Don’t you think?