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James Kerr

Watch behind-the-scenes Renaissance content imagined up by the Montreal-based animation artist. Not your grandmother’s entertainment, unless she’s cool with lewd jokes, heavy metal music, and drunken mischief. In that case, call her in!


Viewer discretion advised.

WWJD (what would Jesus do), or more like WTFWJD, if he emerged from one of Giotto’s, Cranach’s, or van Eyck’s paintings?

Prank a neighbor with a flaming bag of poo?

Make a dirty joke?

Go off on beer-infused escapades?

All the above. At least in the universe created by Scorpio Dagger, aka James Kerr, where the characters of Renaissance paintings get up to no good. These are not the pious people you might have imagined, but the wild weirdos you wanted.

The Montreal-based artist’s daily GIFs are a mega mix that recontextualizes Christian iconography into a world of campy edge. With a 15th-century-ish aesthetic and a crass 21st-century sensibility, he pushes respectability to the brink, poking fun at our past and present. The idea is a flawless loop of absurdity set to a soundtrack of punk, heavy metal, and cult-status beats.

We might have emerged from the dark ages, but is our culture any more evolved? Or do we remain the same low-brow mortals just one short step from a total shit show?