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With just one glance, you’re pulled into a parallel universe made of flowers, girly stuff and typefaces where a gaming aesthetic meets Chinese culture and 90’s iconic symbols. Xie Jing’s art drags you into this trippy experience full of acid shades and retro-future vibes.



In her childlike daydreams, inanimate objects seem to come alive, and we feel their energy. However, at the same time, we perceive a vague sense of gloom in these psychedelic dimensions. There’s something dark behind all these neon colours. It was not by chance that, as a child, Jing felt like an outsider. Unlike the other kids who just played with toys, her attention was always on the aesthetics of the objects, mostly natural, that surrounded her. Growing up with friends and parents who didn’t find the same thrills as her, it was as if she was the only one able to see all these hidden beauties. So, she wanted to share her unique perspective. To do this, she created the weekly project Dailies, a visual series dedicated to plants. By tracking the text in the works, you can discover where the species were found and their morphology in that specific season.



Despite her talent, like many artists, Jing struggled to find support and approval. Her family has never completely understood her art. From this hurt, rises Ugly is Beautiful, a thesis that uses graphic design as a key to challenge the common criteria of ugliness.



There is no limit to Jing’s creativity: typography, photography, and graphic design merge for an immersive effect, revealing her multidisciplinary qualities.