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Johanna Jaskowska

What if we were all cyborgs? Hybrid creative Johanna Jasowska lets you live that fantasy with futuristic face filters. Put it on and become a fictional version of yourself. But wait, this sounds just like…

You are a cyborg.


Shocked? Well, think about it: how many hours have you spent online today? Ever had a minor panic attack when your phone loses battery? Do you put on a photo filter to up the cool factor of your online persona?

Our tech may not be glued to us yet, but we’re certainly glued to our tech. This dependency fascinates Johanna Jaskowska,a hybrid creativeexploringart, fashion and technology.

Log on and play with her Instagram filters and see yourself transform into a cyborg-esque you. Neither artwork is complete until you don that digital mask. As Johanna writes in her Insta bio, “There is no filter without you.” With Beauty 3000 get the ultimate glow no highlighter on the market can achieve, a plasticky wow-striking sheen. With Badland, show off a fiery, fierce red gaze to your followers.



If this robo-talk is a little too future-freaky for you, just keep in mind that if creatives like Johanna are at the helm, maybe tomorrow’s tech is not as dark as we could expect but extra-fresh, ultra-beautiful, and oh-so-sexy.