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Jonathas de Andrade

Stories. Jonathas de Andrade’s work begins with stories of Brazilian society, stories of Brazilian people. While every piece is aesthetically intriguing on its own, a narrative powered by a collective force weaves multifaceted meaning into each, creating something more than just art objects, propelling us to think about how our complex and paradoxical world operates.

For instance, while at first glance the O Levante (Uprising) photo and video series looks like people celebrating a traditional rite, it’s far from that. This is no ordinary chariot race, but an art happening planned by Andrade.

The story behind this piece is that farm animals are not allowed to enter the city of Recife. However, Andrade found a loophole. If the event was for a movie, therefore fictional, animals could be brought in. Another twist to the plot: the racers think this is a real race with real prizes. Captured on camera, it becomes a document showing people defying authority, but also a questioning of fact versus fiction.

Art made it possible.

A similar power-play takes place in Hunger of Resistance. Here it’s the Kayapó indigenous community against the white man. The women from Pukany draw their traditional motifs on top of modern maps demarcating the Kayapó territory. In the artwork, they overpower the logic of those who redefined their land.

Again, art made it possible.