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Jordanluca SS21

A collection of alchemy made in the UK.

For the SS21 collection, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marcheto have concocted an antidote for that everyday malaise. Fusing the raw intensity of underground London with the refined craft heritage of Italy, a new aesthetic emerges to excite the eyes. Think artfully tailored shirts disrupted with spikes or a smart pair of slacks subverted with an acid-wash sweater vest.


This counter-culture-meets-tradition aesthetic echoes throughout the digital presentation named Going Nowhere. mOpening with a shot of a fan, it cuts to a seemingly bored young man sitting in a laundromat while everyday suburban images pile on top of each other and a voiceover of Leopardi’s L’Infinito poem plays, something only the most erudite could recognize. With shots of JORDANLUCA’s highly skilled tailors, pattern cutters and creators working on the collection, the video communicates everything the collection is: crafted eco-friendly cool. After seeing it, who wouldn’t want to up the interest of their day-to-day with a dandy-punk aura?