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Julian Klincewicz

See how identity manifests itself in things through the young eyes of Julian Kincewicz.

We may live in a material world, but that doesn’t mean that the objects filling our lives are simply superficial accoutrements. Through his grainy lo-fi aesthetics, artist/designer/skater Julian Kincewicz shows us just how meaningful things can really be.


Take a semi-truck zooming past. Frozen on Kincewicz’s film, we are reminded of its macho symbolism, now challenged by an America in flux.


Designed by Kincewics, a fresh pair of Vans prompts us to see a shoe as something bigger than itself—a statement of identity.


A Louis Vuitton tee captured through the lens of his VHS camera prompts us to think about staples of humanity, like compassion and joie de vivre.


This completely authentic sentimentality towards our everyday objects is perhaps why fashion brands hold the youngster so dearly. With his camera pointed at their products, they are not just exciting articles to add to our closets, but rather new ways to articulate who we are as human beings.