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Kitty Lee Schumacher

An adult woman emerges from an amniotic sac, more than dewy.
Glistening flowers grow on faces, not so average.
Tentacle-like forms hover all around, very strange.
Wide-eyed girls have fluo pink skin, oddly pretty.
We must be looking at a different superhuman dimension…


…never mind, this is our own.


With future-forward visual effects and models made to look alienesque, it seems like Kitty Lee Schumacher’s photos come from another planet, except for one thing. They’re super human.


Originally trained as a dancer, she captures raw physicality as bodies twist fluidly or contort boldly. Whether taken straight on or from an unusual angle, each image becomes an emotional portrait of individuality—weird, riveting, and beautiful.




So, while we keep itching for a future where we glow up, Kitty reminds us of how amazing each one of us is here and now.