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Leonhard Laupichler

The complete opposite of Helvetica, emotions become legible through Leonhard Laupichler’s typography.

This is the work of Leonhard Laupichler, a multidisciplinary artist fascinated with non-traditional typography. He dresses up words in emotion, like bright optimism with Zephyr or spine-chilling fear with Arachne Demonic.


Look at the above image. What does it say?


From A to Z, it conveys balance—the ability to be bold yet subtle, strong yet gentle, classic yet contemporary.


Of course, you didn’t read those actual words, it’s just the alphabet after all. Instead you sensed it from the soft curves and pointy edges of the carefully composed characters.


If his letters seem different than those you’re used to, that’s because they are. While we interact with typefaces all the time, we’re only exposed to a strictly curated, let’s say very vanilla set. So, in true Underlit fashion he created a book called NEW AESTHETIC to showcase 100 independent typographers not giving a F*** about the traditional Type Foundries’ rules. Check it out and you’ll never see fonts the same way again. Pinky promise.