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Letta Shtohryn

Reality? Or Realities?

Concerned with our relationship to the digital realm? Take a look at this new media artist’s work investigating the ever-infinite realties online and off with an algorithm and the SIMS3 video game.

Making the intangible tangible,

the tangible intangible.

Connecting the past

with the present.

Playing with the digital

and the human.

Uncovering the real,

exposing the unreal.

Is it our reality,
or your reality?
What if …

This is what Letta Shtohyrn’s work explores. Each research-based investigation uses poetics and metaphysics to reflect on the multi-experiences online and off, while examining the fine line between truth and myth. Her Algorithmic Oracle explores our unique perceptions creating a series of what-if play scenarios during a house-fire in the SIMS3 video game. Each player controls three steps, then the algorithm takes over to run probable scenarios. The result: a click creates multiple realities that flash on the screen before our eyes.

Sound familiar?