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Lilly Urbat

When women artists make the female body the subject of their own work there’s a wow-effect. Why? Because, through their eyes we see it differently. Even if we ourselves identify as women.


In interdisciplinary artist Lily Urbat’s work, we see lots of stuff differently, especially women and ourselves.


In all 23 shots of Vielen Dank we see Urbat’s body with classic womanly curves hold up a man. They say the average woman can’t lift a man without proper training, but she defies them, and the picture is proof.

A similar theme is echoed in the docu-photos of women’s rugby. The players’ rough and tough play is far-from-cliché fierce femininity.


In Trouble in Paradise the perception of a DJ and VJ artist collective is changed. Capturing the messier and more chaotic side of their work, Urbat shows us that any of us could do it.


To see her work is to be empowered. So, now that you’ve taken a look, what are you going to accomplish?