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Mar Guixa

Meta Fashion in real time with Mar Guixa Studios, a virtual fashion brand that test the limits with their lifelike pieces you can wear today.


Starting in NFT sales in 2019, Barcelona based Mar Guixa is no stranger to the increasing popularity of the Metaverse. Mar Guixa Studios offer an alternative to the usual (often expensive and unethical) couture fashion, creating an abundance of fun and conceptual garments as part of their various Meta Fashion collections.

Participating in collaborations with musicians such as Frank Renaissance and Mick Jenkins, Mar Guixa Studios are an established brand that focus on creating pieces with hyper realistic finishes to enhance Meta Fashion experience – so it gives off the impression of wearing the real thing. Their Instagram features animations of leather and denim pieces that have fluid movements, mesmerising and entirely realistic, but of course without the costly and environmentally damaging production.

The future of fashion, specifically Meta Fashion will heavily rely on technology and social media, so platforms like DressX which features a host of Meta Fashion designers, including Mar Guixa Studios, are a great starting point. You can try on and buy Mar Guixa pieces, like the stunning Metropolis dress which gives off a disco ball glow. Pieces like this are often unattainable for many, but Mar Guixa Studios gives us the chance to try and buy couture garments that look straight off the red carpet.

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With the rise of virtual fashion events, including Digital NYC Fashion Week 2022, Mar Guixa Studios is establishing itself as an iconic and upcoming brand leading the way into a new and meta, fashion experience. On Mar Guixa Studios website they state, “Mar Guixa is the bridge between the physical and the virtual world.” Since traditional methods of art and fashion are constantly transitioning to keep up with the advancement of technology, it is important to have brands like Mar Guixa Studios creating a platform that is accessible and allows us to experience Meta Fashion, whilst informing us about what it really means.