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Margot Bowman

Discover the woman directing films right into your heart.

We’re all looking for it. That intangible glue, those undeniable human truths binding us closer to one another. Through Margot Bowman’s club-kid eyes, we get what we’re craving.


As a film director, Bowman’s magic lies in locking in on individuals—watching their gaze, reading their movements, understanding their aesthetics. Collaged shots act as a magnifying glass, while colors highlight honesty.

Take her poetic portrayal of Motown, Showing Up Showing Out. While each person tells their own story, Bowman saturates the screen with emotions. By powering up all the creativity these personalities possess, you can feel the rhythm-and-blues artistry deep in your soul.

This intense intimacy imbues all of her visual poetry, no matter if it’s a culturally urgent film or transcendent music video. So, since we’re all feeling a bit disconnected these days, we suggest you press play, and let feelings rush over you.