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Mateus Yuzo

The artsy side of branding.

In today’s IG-influenced world, it’s all about image. Not just the way you look, but that vibe you give off. The same goes for brands, which is where Mateus Yuzo comes in.

With his artistic ways, the Brazilian creative boils down a business’s essence into a highly concentrated visual that goes on business cards, posters, t-shirts. You name it!


For Soar, a Brazilian electronic music magazine, Yuzo’s radial-shaped design transports you to dark spaces lit by neon lights, pungent with sweat and booze, alive with booming beats and bass drops. You know it’s cool. You know it’s life-amplifying.

On a totally different side of the spectrum, Yuzo’s logo for Bem Bolado Salgados visualizes the restaurant’s fried cheese balls tumbling into the box. It’s got all that fun-tastic, family-friendly flavor with contemporary swag.


Really, no matter what brand Yuzo approaches, his work is potent. We want what it’s selling, but, more importantly, we get that feel-good vibe.