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Maya Golyshkina

This Russian creative brilliantly boosts the everyday into top-notch art.

Maya Golyshkina doesn’t create outfits. She makes WOWFITS. You know, a getup so creative that it makes you say WTF. Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga are a just a couple star fashion makers who have been wowed by her particular artistry. To realize this jaw-dropping Fashion she swaps silk for cigarettes, chiffon for laminated chip bags and cotton for playing cards. She then tapes it all together with a good measure of humor.

However, her ensembles are not just amazing in their individuality, but also the way they capture the current zeitgeist. Her at-home craftiness buzzes with references to our millennial pasts and presents, recognizing and ending our ennui (even if for just a moment). By looking at fashion through an artistic lens, her wowfits materialize its power during our crazy quarantine-era: inspiring humans to elevate the everyday into something totally mind-blowing.