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Megan Dominescu

Multi-media artist Megan Dominescu invites us to celebrate the weird.

Multi-talented artist Megan Dominescu embodies a limitless attitude, working on different projects simultaneously, creating social commentary through her work and (to top it all off) developing a 100% handmade animal fashion brand ‘Goodboy Security’, the cutest crochet sweaters you didn’t realise your dog needs. Not to mention her role in the fiery DJ duo Miss Clitoral. Testing the boundaries between various mediums and creative sectors Dominescu is one to watch. Born in the Netherlands, then living in Washington D.C and now Bucharest, Romania, Dominescu has a multicultural background and this clash can be seen in the chaos of her work.

Not only is her work visually arresting, she manages to play with the bizarre whilst delivering crucial comments on the world and society today. Her Instagram heavily features pieces in which she utilises traditional rug hook and knitting techniques, each piece exhibits a host of absurd characters in weird wonderful worlds. ‘Mister Misery’ – featured in Valencia’s Tuesday to Friday Gallery as part of the group show ‘Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing from 21st January to 25th February this year – seems like an almost modern version of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, except Mister Misery battles on with just a few tears, clad in his fresh Nike’s.

Another personal favourite is ‘Kentucky Fried Companionship’ where we see a skewed depiction of KFC’s Colonel with the simple text ‘This man is famous. I trust him.’ comical and philosophical. Her dark humour juxtaposed with the vibrancy in her work is equally endearing as it is eerie.

Her endeavours into the world of canine couture can’t be ignored with a host of intricate crochet get ups for your furry friends featured on her website, with the option to commission one of a kind pieces. Each piece is akin to Dominescu’s other work exhibiting plentiful colours and wacky designs certain to captivate passers by.

Having been included in a multitude of exhibitions including an astounding solo show at NADA (New Art Dealers) in Miami last December, Dominescu is just at the beginning of an entirely promising journey. Her art brings colour to this dark world, whilst encouraging us to indulge in the weird.