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Graphic artist Meinhass’s visual playlist shows the eyes what the ears will hear through lines, shapes and colors.

A twirling sun, an expression of hypno-lovesick melodies.


Sparks and rays, a promise of psychedelic chords.


A tangle of red squiggles, a hint to frenzied synthpop beats.


Each, an allusion to what you will hear once you press play.

This is the magic of album cover art—a space where graphic artists convey the essence of music. Once a gateway to experience a singer or band, today an afterthought in the digi-sphere. However, not for Meinhass (aka Olga Ambrosova).


The meinhass_archives Instagram account is almost entirely dedicated to cover art. While she originally created super digital geometric designs, Olga’s style has now evolved into retro-infused color block graphics. Through the arrangement of different shapes with thick black outlines and colors found in a Crayola crayon box, she captures the mood, emotions, and musical qualities of a song whether its groovy, goth, indie, or reggae.


Go through her feed, listen to each track and see how she eloquently translates it into a visual design. Different than today’s typical playlist experience, but way more revealing.