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Michael Green

When man meets machine, something synergistic happens.

This work can’t be by a human. Even the name “Michael Green” sounds a bit suspicious. Don’t you think? So generic, an algorithm could easily have churned it out…


But, indeed a mere mortal is responsible for all this head-scratching internet art (including the most expensive GIF that never sold). It’s exactly this anthropo-tech mix that makes his work so fascinating.

While Green’s work relies on a computer and WiFi connection, his visions are driven by his cerebral creativity. Take his latest work, ANTHROPOCENE: An A.I. Opera. The music was A.I.-generated, the lyrics were determined by a GPT-2 text generating model (after Green decided on a theme) and the voices you hear were sung by a voice synthesizer. They are all elements that intensify the work’s significance, but the poetic visuals and the profound plot of foes working together to build a more peaceful future pump it up with humanity.

While his work constantly shape-shifts, as in you won’t find another opera in his past oeuvre, everything is powered by that same hybrid-ness. Take a look at his creations, like his machine-learning face morphing videos or tarot card app. You may feel like you have fallen into an internet abyss, but it’s actually someone else’s internal analysis of modern life, capitalism, online personas, conspiracy theories, second life…the list goes on. So, why not get lost. You may even find a more human direction towards your own techy future.