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You don’t have to be a fashion victim to notice that military style re-appears from season to season. It’s fascinating — and slightly disturbing — how something specifically designed to suit the needs of soldiers during combat plays such a major role in the fashion industry.

Milly Dale’s creations have all the features of classic army-inspired pieces, but a closer look reveals a punk rock androgynous flair that makes them unique.

This is why we civilians love them. They look badass. And functional. 

It’s like some anime characters have joined the army and designed their uniforms. Or maybe, Milly is a time traveler and she found inspiration from a post-apocalyptic future where robots rule the earth. The sure thing is that her creations are perfect for everyday life, which is way less exciting (and creepy) than a dark technological scenario, but equally challenging.

Intelligent pockets, zip fastenings, detachable pieces: every garment has a modular structure, and each component has its own function. They are actual performance-driven constructions studied for maximum practicality without giving up on cool.

Milly’s collection is filled with hybrid looks such as red cargo trousers combined with a fur vest and a clown-ruffle collar. The uniform, which usually evokes strength and masculinity, becomes something you can wear regardless of genders and roles. It’s a way to express your personality. Milly transforms strictness into pure creativity. That’s exactly what she does.