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My Stendhal Syndrome

New twists on old portraiture by Antonio Patruno Randolfi.

You better sit down, because these drop-dead gorgeous fashion mixes worn by art history’s great beauties might make you faint. And if you do become woozy, no worries.

Just turn your attention to something a bit more ordinary.


With one glance,
your heart picks up tempo,


a bead of cool sweat
trickles down your forehead,
the room starts spinning.


A fog circles around your consciousness,
an endless abyss of hallucination.


Where are you?
Who even are you…


Rare but. Art can stir a reaction like this. The psychosomatic episode is called Stendhal Syndrome and it happens when great beauty enraptures and envelops an individual.

Dealing with the malady on his IG feed, @MYSTENDHALSYNDROME, fashion designer and Insta-sensation Antonio Patruno Randolfi plays endless dress up with the protagonists of art history’s great portraits. With their glowy skin and eye-catching ensembles, men and women live seamlessly, changing our understanding of past artworks, perhaps even of ourselves.

If you’re not fainting over his clever vision or the envisioned-anew outfits his subjects rock, you may just find yourself addicted to his aesthetic mashups. Superficially beautiful, yes. But meaningful. Unusual on our screens these days.