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Nostalgic, with an endearing cartoon character quality, artist @pararelt depicts a green, mask clad, almost amphibian creature, witnessed in a series of mischievous antics throughout their artworks.

Originating in Indonesia, Pararelt came up with this character in 2010, drawing inspiration from street art –  a quality that is apparent in each piece. After experimenting with multiple formats, Pararelt broke into the world of NFT in September 2021. Each version of their character is decked out in an abundance of vibrant accessories, like in ‘Fish Baseball’ where they can be seen holding a comical flying fish baseball bat.

Psychedelic backgrounds suggest these artworks cross the threshold between our universe and other realities – parallel realities. Whilst keeping a hold on our own reality with pop culture references, like Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s soup print, featured in ‘The Dream’. A clever juxtaposition of culture and futuristic play on pop art.


Pararelt’s consistency with the mask hints towards the artist’s anonymity and the ever changing nature of the character, leaving us wondering what the next move will be, studying each piece and the immense detail, trying to figure out the creature behind the mask, or the artist behind the art. It’s not difficult to be pulled into Pararelt’s dynamic world, but the overload of bright colours makes these works undeniably striking.

Looking at each image sends you on a quest to figure out where the character is, who they are and why they’re wearing a cat on their head (see ‘Glory Cat’). Pararelt’s motto is, “be wild in the work that can make you happy, and don’t be arrogant.” A fitting message as these artworks offer us the chance to be a kid again as we delve into this irresistible universe. .