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Ramon Haindl

Bold crimson, fiery orange and strong azure radiate brilliantly in dusky skies or power dresses, neon signs or cooking-oil jugs. A palm tree becomes a spiral motif, while buildings flatten into a bold geometric pattern. Like a caffeine-kick for the eyes, each vibrant composition stimulates mood-boosting energy.

These visual pick-me-ups are by photographer Ramon Haindl. The magic lies in his light touch. With exceptionally sharp clarity he captures his subjects simply as they are, laying bare the relationship he has with each person, place and thing. By zeroing in on interesting geometric moments, fun shadow-play or stunning reflections, he shows us beauty that too often goes unnoticed.


Pulsing with life and intense color, these uncovered moments are a joy to observe, and lucky for us there is so much more for Haindl, and us, to discover.