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Rob Bremner

We interrupt your future-forward content with a blast-from-the-past.

Robert Bremner’s pictures are not photoshopped. There are no filters, no vintage fades or white borders intentionally added for a retro Eighties-effect.


His photos are the real deal. Images taken in the Eighties with actual film, not by choice, but because that was the only option. Those clothes you see, the shell suits and oversized blazers, were of the moment, not vintage nostalgia. Weird, right?


Totally! For those who are served an ever-constant stream of touched-up photos, this complete authenticity is jarring, especially when you know the context behind them. While Bremner’s photo collection includes many moments from his own life, what he calls the dash in between birth and death, a large part of the documentary photographer’s work captures an everyday Eighties existence in Liverpool.


This was Liverpool under Margaret Thatcher, a place facing great unemployment and social unrest…but you wouldn’t necessarily pick up on that from Bremner’s photos. What you do see is Liverpudlians young and old hanging out together, content. Yes, they may be unemployed, but they don’t look unhappy. When you realize they’re not faking it for the gram, it’s encouraging. As we face our own era’s social unrest and unemployment, these photos are ever-more timely proof that our lives are not all doom and gloom. Friends and family will get us through the dash in between happily, no photoshop necessary.