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Rosie Broadhead

How do you heal? Swallow a pill? Absorb a cream? Gulp down a potion? Integrate a new habit?

Under my skin,

it’s part of me.

On top,

just an afterthought.

Between the self and the world exists just a thin layer of tissue, and to restore ourselves we focus on ingesting, putting something in the body to spark that internal change we need or crave.


But what about letting something linger on that external barrier? Not penetrate the skin but support it in order to heal. It is our largest organ after all.

While you might have never thought that your clothes could have a medicinal effect on your body, Rosie Broadhead is changing that. As a designer specializing in biomaterials, specifically her work researches the interaction between skin and clothing. This is beyond comfort. She looks at the microbiome on the epidermis, discovering what powers and disrupts it, then integrates those findings into her designs to increase the functionality of fashion.


To understand, take a look at Skin II, made in collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Callewaert. The clothing’s fibers encapsulate probiotic bacteria, which become activated when they meet the moisture of our skin. These probiotics dominate the odor-causing bacteria on the dermis, therefore reducing body odor, encouraging cell renewal and improving the skin’s immune system.

Recently, for the new digital exhibition Surface Tension, she launched a ‘Seaweed Baselayer’ rich in therapeutic vitamins, minerals and amino acids that benefit the skin and body. The result is clothing that works in synergy with the body. Clothing that has the power to heal. Cool, right?