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Samy La Crapule

Meet the models of SS2089. Making transhumanism his muse, Samy La Crapule creates queer 3D avatars that invade the present from an all-inclusive fashion-filled future.


The line between man and machine is becoming increasingly blurred.

As technology advances, eyesight detecting infrared and ultraviolet, brains installed with memory chips and genes engineered to be ‘superior’ seem like a not-so-distant reality.


For Samy La Crapule, this transhumanism is an endless source of inspiration. The Paris-based image-maker creates futuristic 3D avatars and, intentionally or not, confronts the host of ethical controversies that arise when a human comes to design another.

Giving inclusivity pride of place, Samy’s creations span a variety of genders, ethnicities and stylishness. They come from a future where skin is a Louis Vuitton print and faces take on curious proportions, donning bucket hats and swimming in a tangle of bodies. Perhaps it’s not what awaits mankind, but it certainly could be tomorrow’s idea of fashion, especially as more and more events get ready to go digital post-pandemic.


One to watch, without a doubt.